Price R4600-00


The Revelation-3 is our most popular light because it's hands down the best value for money you can find. Its ruggedness and simplicity makes it dependable whether you are in the Drakensberg's snow, or crashing head first into a river crossing.

With 5 power levels, the Revelation-3 is perfect for every type of night riding or racing you will do. The brightest power level (L5) gives a fantastic 5.5 hours burn time, while L4 is only slightly dimmer at 11.5 hours burn time, enough to take you through the toughest 24hr solo with a lot of light on the trail. Level 1 gives you 120 hours and is perfect to light up your campsite when sleeping over on multi day events, or to take you home when you've forgot to charge your battery.

All parts in the Revelation-3 can be replaced, or upgraded when new technology becomes available.

Extra heavy-duty 5.3mm cable with O-ring sealed connectors connect the light unit to the battery.

The simple handlebar mount breaks away in the event of a severe crash to prevent damage to the light unit. It's easy to use, effective, and easy to replace in the event of a serious accident.

O-rings in the light body and cable connectors make the Revelation-3 fully waterproof.


Control :






MicroController that contains the user interface firmware

High efficiency buck mode switching regulator

Non-volatile EEPROM storage of operating modes (5 constant light levels, 5 strobe levels)

Input voltage sensing : low battery warnings and low voltage cutoff

Temperature sensing : light will dim to lower level when standing still or when 70degC is reached

Single switch to control light modes, strobe modes, on/off

LED's :
3 New generation high power LED's (13 watt) coupled to highly efficient optical reflectors
Light output :
65lm@level1 (120hrs), 330lm@level3 (22hrs), 735lm@level5 (5.5hrs) - 4243 LUX @ 2m (top brand 13 watt HID is 2114 LUX @ 2m)
System weight :
720g (light head + one battery pack in water bottle)
Battery pack/s :
1 battery incl. - 66watt/h lithium polymer inside water bottle (490g)

Charger :










MicroProcessor controlled balance charger (charges each cell in battery pack separately for optimum performance)

Detailed charging progress displayed on LCD (battery type, charge time, charge current, battery voltage, individual cell voltage)

Charge Revelation-3 battery in 7 to 9 hours

User inputs required (charging time, battery type, charging current, charging voltage)

Auto detects number of cells in battery pack

Included 4.5A 12v power supply for charger

How Bright is it?
On level 5, the Revelation-3 is quite an amount brighter than a famous brand 13w HID. (High Intensity Discharge) [we did 6 tests here]

Revelation-3 vs 3 LED light from competition [click here]