Revelation-4 (980 lumens) (R6000-00)
The Revelation-4 is our most powerful light and burns for 2.5 hours to 50 hours on its 5 power levels. We include two battery packs of 350g each for a total of 5+ hours on the highest level. [details here]

Revelation-3 (750 Lumens) (R4600-00)
The Revelation-3 is our most efficient light and burns for 5.5 hours to 120 hours on its 5 power levels. It's the best all round performer you'll find anywhere. [details here]

Coming soon... (estimated availability June 2009)

Solo 580 (580 Lumens) (R3600-00)
We've moved a step ahead and developed a all new light with in-house moulded parts offering a beautifully compact light system. The new light head unit weighs only 90g and is fully shock proof and waterproof. The 320g lithium polymer battery provides a high beam (580 lumens) burn time of over 6 hours and dim beam (200 lumens) of 20 hours.

The Solo 580 has all the same features as our bigger lights and is sure to become a best seller with its 24 month warranty. [watch this space]

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