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Bright lights are my obsession and the night is my playground. I passionately design and use the best performing portable high output lighting systems you can dream of. If I don't already manufacture it, I can be commissioned to design it. Johannes Gerber

With Brighter-Lights, darkness will never be the same again. [read more here]

Brighter-Lights Revelation-3 LED vs 13 watt HID
Revelation-3 LED kills 13 watt HID. [we did 6 tests here]

Omni-Motion 24 Hour MTB, Northern Farm, Gauteng
Brighter-Lights inventor, Johannes Gerber, takes the win in his first ever 24 Hour Solo MTB race. 437km in just over 22 hours in the saddle. Two Revelation-3's on the handlebar provided 'daylight' and enabled Jo to keep riding fast throughout the night. In fact, some of his fastest laps were ridden at night. [full story to come]

Rocky Riders Night Series 2008
Brighter-Lights won the series of four races. In two of the four races Brighter-Lights riders took the first 3 positions! Congratulations! We are proud of you! [final results here]

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