Brighter-Lights will always be one step ahead

LED manufacturers constantly improve their LED's. They keep the brightest ones for testing and sort the rest into bins of different brightness's.

The highest output binned LED's always become available in very small quantities, while lower output binned LED's are available in large numbers.

Brighter-Lights have contacts to get hold of the brightest binned LED's as soon as they become available, while large light manufacturers in need of thousands, have to use lower binned LED's which are dimmer.

Brighter-Lights use the brightest LED's long before they are available at electronics suppliers.

Because Brighter-Lights manufacture small quantities, we can quickly integrate the latest technology into our lights.

Brighter-Lights follow the latest technology news flashes and test newly released components as they become available because we are only satisfied with the latest technology in our lights.

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